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Explore the fascinating and spectacular world of various geosites through our virtual field trips!
Travel around and zoom-in on features of interest and observe how the landscape changes from one location to the next.


Devastating Wildfires in Northern Euboea

Refers to the catastrophic forest fires that struck Greece in August 2021 and are undoubtedly associated with the fierce heatwaves in the wider geographic region. The virtual field trip focuses on the preliminary results of erosion risk in the fire affected area and on the social and geological impact.


Exploring the Agios Nikolaos Geopark

Do you want to know about the special formations of Neapoli, Laconia, Greece, type of gas chimney, which are associated with cold gas escapes? Follow the virtual tour in this impressive micro-landscape of Agia Marina which owes its unique character to the presence of fossilized structures that stand out.

Samos Island

30/10/2020 Earthquake, Samos Island, East Aegean

Refers to the Mw=7.0 earthquake that shook the eastern Aegean Sea on 30/10/2020 and the following tsunami. The epicentre was located close to the northern coasts of Samos island. The earthquake caused an uplift of the whole island, several infrastructure damages and the loss of two teenagers while returning home from school.

Naxos Island

Exploration of Naxos Geoenvironment

Guides every aspiring traveler on a journey through space, using charts that include all the rich geoheritage secrets of Naxos. Grasp the unique opportunity to explore the island’s ground, underground and underwater geotopes and admire the exceptional natural beauty they hold. Travel back in time and learn the geological history of the island.


Palaeo-tsunami events of Cyprus

Deals with the presence of various geomorphological elements that reveal the occurrence of tsunami events in various areas of Cyprus. The traveler will become familiar with the most interesting indicators of tsunami, large boulders that are found mainly on the west and southeast coasts of Cyprus.

Naxos Island

Quaternary Geoenvironment - Archaeogeomorphology

Focuses on geomorphological sea level indicators, addressing topics, such as Quaternary relative sea level changes, palaeogeographic evolution, morphotectonics and palaeo-tsunami.

Check the detailed fieldtrip guide in the link.

Rhodes Island

Quaternary evolution of Rhodes Island

Focuses on the coastal evolution, relative sea level changes, tectonic history and palaeoseismicity of Rhodes Island, allowing visitors to better understand the complex interactions of sea level, tectonics, and coastal processes.

Check the detailed fieldtrip guide in the link.

Corinthian Gulf


Focuses on geoarchaeological sea level indicators, addressing topics such as Holocene relative sea level changes, palaeogeographic evolution, morphotectonics and palaeo-earthquakes.

Check the detailed fieldtrip guide in the link.

The fieldtrip is also available in greek here.

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